SUN-KISSED, Solo Exhibition

On Display October 1st – December 31st, 2019

The Governor’s Cup Coffee Roasters, Salem, OR

Sun-kissed reflects a year of grappling with art-making outside the community environment provided by school. In the beginning, I quickly found that working in isolation stripped the joy from creating. My work continued to dwell on my tried-and-true themes: home spaces, wood burning, and energy flows. 

The summer reignited my excitement. I participated in Signal Fire, a month-long artist retreat that brings a group of artists into public lands to camp, backpack, create artwork, and discuss socio-political issues around land. The material limitations inherent to the backcountry led me to explore new techniques in my practice. This, coupled with the creative energy brought by the group, reignited my excitement around art-making. 

I brought this curiosity back home with me, diving into cyanotypes (a photographic printing process I first explored while on the trip). As I go into my second fall without school, I’m excited to allow curiosity to continue directing my artistic practice.

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