Sumi Ink on Yupo Paper
December 2016
Although my self-portraits usually allow me to deal with personal experiences and mind states, through this piece I wanted to explore my work as a whole. In the Fall of 2016, I used my self-portraiture to come to terms with and confront difficult things that have been happening or happened in my life. Sharing such personal works made me wonder how these portraits are received and how much insight they actually provide into myself. I am continually hindered by the limited
capabilities of mediums, my technical skills, and my own reservations in sharing my personal life. Self-portraits provide a snapshot glance into some of the most personal aspects of my life, but I know there will always be something lost in the translation of these ideas and emotions. Through this self-portrait, I want to depict both the limitations of material as well as my own intentional veiling of self in my work. I chose sumi ink and yupo paper to reference the material limitations because they offer the least amount of control. Although the face is discernable, the features are largely consumed in darkness, referencing my intentional blurring of identity in my self-portraits.