Azotic, Opals, Ametrine

Oil Paint, Pyrography, Wood Panel
October 2017

This triptych draws its influence from my trip to Opal Pool in late August of 2017. The forest fires raging across the west coast left Oregon in a dense smoke. The sun filtered through this haze for months, creating bizarre and unnatural colors through the sky. Despite the strange beauty of this time, the world felt suffocated by the smoke clinging to the earth. Arriving at Opal Pool felt like entering into another world—a world of calm in the midst of devastation.

Azotic (left) and Opals (center) embody the extremes of this dichotomous world. Both in the techniques implemented and in their colors, these two pieces repel one another. Opals required an extremely meditative and time-consuming process—each mark made with intent and control. Its partner and antithesis, Azotic, uses aggressive strokes as its substrate. The use of liquid medium applied to intense colors creates a glossy surface evocative of an injury. Azotic and Opals mark two contradictory yet coexisting states of the world. The last piece in the triptych, Ametrine, acts as a bridge between these two worlds. The perpetual golden hour caused by the smoke was both entrancing and toxic. Ametrine finds the beauty in this destructive time. I have arranged these pieces in the narrative order in which I experienced them.